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Perhaps not surprisingly, the largest category in Ed's filmography is this one. When Ed worked in adult films, he cranked out script after script, so it was easy for him to rack up credits compared to when he was making whole movies.

More interesting was the creation of two posthumous adult films based on Ed's work: Plan 69 From Outer Space and Glen and Glenda. They were both directed by Frank Marino and feature actor Peter North. What inspired these films is unclear, but it makes for an odd post-script to Ed's adult career.

Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires:
The Curse of Ed Wood

Exploitation film featuring Ed as a character.
The Beach Bunnies
One of the last of Ed's films to be directed by Stephen Apostolof, The Beach Bunnies (like most of the work with Apostolof) finds Ed in 'Cinemax After Dark' mode: soft core sex with a decent plotline (by comparison) to hold it all together.
The Class Reunion
The only thing keeping this from having the weakest plot of any Ed / Apostolof film is that it doesn't really have a plot at all. But it does have sex - and lots of it.
The Cocktail Hostesses
A Rene Bond "Tour de Force", The Cocktail Hostesses has one of the flimsiest plots of any Ed / Apostolof film. But a whole lotta Rene Bond goes a long way to make up for it.
Drop-Out Wife
There's plenty of sex in this one, but there's also a comparitively deep storyline. For once, the characters aren't entirely nonchalant about promiscuity; the subject is actually looked at with some thought.
The Erotic World of A.C. Stephen
Compilation of outtakes and trailers from films by A.C. Stephen (Stephen Apostolof), including some of Ed's.
I don't have any details about this one that Ed apparently directed himself.
For Love and Money
Having been directed by the same man as For Love or Money (Don Davis), they may be the same film.
For Love or Money
See above.
Fugitive Girls
A jail break movie, Fugitive Girls is one of the better plotted of Ed's adult work.

The sex is borderline softcore and spread out throughout the movie.
Glen and Glenda
Hardcore partial re-make of Ed's Glen or Glenda.
The Love Feast
Reports vary as to whether Ed just acted in this movie or did more.

He stars in the film along with a bevy of beautiful (and fully naked) women.

The sex goes just about as far as you can go and remain softcore.
Love Making, U.S.A.
'Documentary' on sex in America.
Mrs. Stone's Thing
A film written and directed by Joseph Robertson, Ed has a small acting role.
Ed directing this time, he returns to his natural roots with an erotic take on the horror genre he loved so much.
One Million AC/DC
Working with someone other than Stephen Apostolof, Ed's wacky nature comes out in this tale of cave women, dinosaurs and sex.
The Only House
May be merely an alternate title for Necromania.
Operation Redlight
Another film made with a director other than Stephen Apostolof, this film is closer to the work he did with Apostolof.

It is basically a soft core crime flick.
Orgy of the Dead
This is the key film in the Ed / Apostolof canon.

It is clearly Ed's story, with characters based on himself and the usual horror elements.

This film has no sex, only frontal nudity.
Plan 69 From Outer Space
Hardcore parody of Ed's Plan 9 From Outer Space.
Sex Education Correspondence School
Series of 12 Super8 films and books co-written and co-directed by Ed.
The Snow Bunnies
Another Ed/Apostolof film that just comes down to excuses to have sex.
'Swedish Erotica' films
Series of 8mm films that Ed worked on.
Take It Out In Trade
Extremely rare Ed film featuring the return of Duke Moore.
Take It Out In Trade - The Outtakes
A video including all surviving cut scenes from Ed's Take It Out In Trade.
The Undergraduate
Nothing is known about this film.

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