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So, you like the Site, and you want to help make it better. "But how can I help?" you ask yourself. Well, the answer is simple: contribute.

The best (and most generous) way to contribute is to give me movies or additional material. If this is asking too much, you can send in pictures of items I do not have online yet (or whose current image stinks). Also, you can send plot synopses and other data about films I have not yet seen. Finally, feel free to contact me if you have any additional ideas that I haven't mentioned.

Any contributions (no matter how small) will receive a thanks on the credits page.



The most important thing I can state here is that I do not really want bootlegs or "fan copies". That's not what this Site is about. I am basically just interested in legitimate releases. For some of the more obscure titles, I will probably accept "fan copies" just so I can review the movie itself, but otherwise, no. Check the criteria below and see if the movie you'd like to send me qualifies.

First, note whether I have specifically asked for copies of a title. If I have, and you'd like to send me a copy, e-mail me at

Check the page for the film in question and see if I have given "PROS and CONS" or a "Comments" write-up for that edition. If so, that usually means I have it and do not require another copy. If not, I may be interested, even if I own a different edition. Again, contact me at

I am not really looking to buy movies. If you have a title that I particularly need, I may be willing, but for the most part I enjoy hunting them down myself. (But you may have realised that by now. -ed.)


I'm always interested in Ed related material. If you have posters, press books, stills, or anything else from Ed's movies that you're willing to part with, let me know. Again, like the movies, I'm not really looking to buy stuff. But I'm always interested to know what's out there. It's more likely that I'd be interested just in getting pictures of the stuff you have. (See below. -ed.)


For a lot of titles for which there are many editions (like Plan 9 From Outer Space, for instance) I am not interested in getting every version for myself. I do, however, want images of all of them for the Site. I also need various posters (or better versions) for the individual poster pages and photos of the additional materials.

Most importantly, do not send any images without clearing it through me first. I have limitations on my e-mail and if you don't give me a heads up, the image may not get through. If you want to send me an image, just e-mail the details, and I'll send you additional instructions.

Before sending a new image of an edition or poster that I have up, make sure it will actually look better than the one I have. The files are made quite small intentionally so that load times will be minimal. If your new image will look about the same after being shrunk down to the size of my images and saved to a size no larger than 20K, there's no point in sending it.

Despite the eventual size, please send me images of a relative high quality (300dpi full color) and I will do the resizing, clean-up, etc.


This is the most important contribution you can make outside of sending me actual movies.

Check the individual page for the movie in question. Any information that I request you can feel free to e-mail to me. Don't feel the need to do a full write-up for the plot synopses and "Ed-ness" guides. I will re-write it all, anyway. I merely need the information.

main filmography film categories books & publications miscellaneous items links contribute contact

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