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Books & Other Publications

When Ed had exhausted his opportunities in mainstream Hollywood, it's a well-known fact that he went on to work on the seedier side of town; exploitation, soft-core and, eventually, hard-core pornographic movies. Less known is the fact that Ed wrote many exploitation novels at this time. In fact, he was so prolific it was in all liklihood his writing that really kept him afloat at this time, as his work in movies could never have amounted to enough to get by.

His work in this field was apparently, in part, set up by his friend Stephen Apostolof (with whom, of course, Ed made several films). They run the gamut from lesbian sex to the Watts riots.

Additionally, Ed often contributed to magazines and other publications. There were the occasional legitimate publications, but most are for magazines from the same publishers he wrote novels for. He also occasionally sent in articles to adult movie magazines promoting his films.

The three sections below cover all identified Ed publications. The "Other Writings" section covers anything that just isn't quite a magazine or book. Books, articles and other publications about Ed can be found on the Miscellany page.

An important thing to remember about Ed's writing is that he worked in a field where pseudonyms were the order of the day. Ed ceratainly used many pen names in his writing, just as he did in his film work. This makes it extremely difficult to be certain which writings are his an which are not. Even more difficult than identifying his film work. As such, I give no guarantee that any work listed here with a name other than Ed's (not even the best known ones like Dick Trent) are by Ed. I can assure you that everything listed here has had a viable claim made against it by someone who at least *think* he or she knows what they're talking about. But memories fade and wishful thinking can play tricks. IF it doesn't say "Ed Wood", you just can't be sure. If there are any items that you feel should be added (or removed), please contact me at I'm erring on the side of inclusion, though. You're going to have to be pretty darn convincing to get me to take something off.



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