The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr. - Ed's Apocrypha
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Ed's work is sometimes hard to identify. He often worked under a pseudonym, or ghost-wrote for others. Also, in the years since he came to prominance, many filmmakers have latched on to Ed (justifiably or not).

This section is devoted to films that have been reported as being Ed-related, but are of a dubious nature.

Also, click here to jump to a list of films named as Ed's in various sources, but with even less authority than those listed in the filmograhy.
Anatomy of a Psycho
The theory that this movie was at least co-written by Ed is put forth in Muddled Mind by David C. Hayes.
The Astounding She-Monster
Allegedly, Ed "consulted" on this Sci-Fi thriller.
Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires:
The Curse of Ed Wood

Exploitation film featuring Ed as a character.
The Interplanetary Surplus Male and Amazon Women of Outer Space
Contains scenes "based on" found footage thought to possibly have been shot by Ed. Maybe. (That vague enough for ya? - ed.)
Married Too Young
Long listed as one of Ed's ghostwritings, his involvement has been disputed.
Ed is listed on the IMDb as playing 'Glenda.'

In fact, it is merely one of the characters watching Glen or Glenda on TV.
Son of the Renegade
Reports list this as another film (like The Lawless Rider) that Ed may have ghost written for (or co-written with) Johnny Carpenter.
The Unearthly
Very little connection to Ed here, just Tor Johnson as "Lobo."
The Young Marrieds
Apparently, a sex flick made by Ed during the early 70s, perhaps even after Necromania. Yet to be proven to be by Ed.

Additional Apocryphal Titles

These are titles that are so dubious in nature, some may not even exist (although many clearly do).
Regardless, since they are so dubious, no page has been made for them.
The following list includes title, Ed's alleged involvement, source of information, and a link to an eBay search (for the heck of it -ed).

RES=Ed's Resume
HRR = Hollywood Rat Race
MM = Muddled Mind
PL = the
"Pete LaRoche" issue
FA = fan attribution
NoE = Nightmare of Ecstacy

Bed Time Talk - movieWriterRESsearch eBay
Escape from Time - movieWriterRESsearch eBay
Flame of Islam - movieWriterRESsearch eBay
The Gunslinger - movieWriterHRRsearch eBay
The Lady's Delimia (Dilemma? -ed.) - TV movieWriter/DirectorRESsearch eBay
Little Old Lady From Pasadena - TV movieWriterRESsearch eBay
Misty - unfinished movieActorMMsearch eBay
Morpheus Fiddles Nero - TV movieWriterRESsearch eBay
Outlaw Queen - movieWriterPLsearch eBay
Panty Girls - movieDirectorFAsearch eBay
Portraits in Murder - movieWriterRESsearch eBay
The Red Skelton Show - TV ShowBela's dialogue coachvarioussearch eBay
Revenge of the Virgins - movieWriterPLsearch eBay
The Sam Yorty Show - TV programDirectorNoEsearch eBay
San Diego Harbor - TV movieWriter/DirectorRESsearch eBay
The Showdown - TV movieWriterRESsearch eBay
Talk Sexy Y'All - movieWriterRESsearch eBay
Thrills in Sports - TV programDirectorNoEsearch eBay
War Dance - movieWriterHRRsearch eBay
War Drums - TV movieWriterRESsearch eBay
The Wetbacks - movieWriterPLsearch eBay
White Flash - movieWriterRESsearch eBay
The Wicked West - movieWriterRESsearch eBay

"Pete LaRoche"

The issue of Pete LaRoche is an interesting one. The name (and a variant, "Peter La Roche") appears on only three movies in the IMDb, all with some sort of connection to Ed. Outlaw Queen and The Wetbacks both feature involvement by Ed's friend and protoge, Ronnie Ashcroft (see The Astounding She-Monster). Revenge of the Virgins features narration by Ed's best friend Kenne Duncan, also features Nona Carver (whose only other work is Take It Out In Trade) and uses the same music used in The Beast of Yucca Flats, which stars Tor Johnson and features Conrad Brooks.

All of this is quite interesting, of course, but doesn't really point directly to Ed. The only problem is, I can find absolutley no information about Pete LaRoche anywhere else. So, for now, my suspicion is that "Pete LaRoche" might just be Ed and his films will be listed here, with the most apocryphal of the apocryphal films.

There is an example of Pete LaRoche's writing to be found at the "Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures" Web Site. It is a story reprinted from "True West" magazine's June 1971 issue about noted early western filmaker/actor William S. Hart. Follow the link below to read it and judge for yourself if it seems like Ed.

William S. 'Bill' Hart. By PETE LA ROCHE.
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