The Sun Was Setting (1951) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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The Sun Was Setting
a.k.a. The Sun Also Sets

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Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr. & Ben Brody (co-director)
Written by Edward D. Wood, Jr.; additional dialogue by Ben Brody
Wood regulars
Phyllis Coates
Tom Keene

Additional cast
Angela Stevens

A young woman, June Drake (Stevens) has been given two months to live. She has refused to marry her boyfriend Paul (Keene) but wants to spend one more night out on the town. Paul refuses because her doctors have told her that such excitement would kill her. June tells her best friend Rene (Coates) that she will go out alone, since Paul won't take her. Paul finally relents, but when he arrives, she dies in his arms.
This is one of the best known of the "lost" Ed works. Never in doubt as to its existance, it was, nonetheless, very hard to come by for many years, with the only known copy languishing in the UCLA Library of Film & Television, where it was difficult to get to see and impossible to copy. Finally, a full copy (plus outtakes) was placed on public view on YouTube in 2012.

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This one is a good bit more melodramatic than most of Ed's work. Not a trace of the supernatural or science fiction elements that define most of his "straight" material. But there are still plenty of Ed's touches in here, including some convoluted dialogue and some unfortunate jump cuts.

Early work, yes, and outside his usual storytelling areas, but this one is pure Ed.
Best Line
"You know, some people seek all their lives for happiness. I found it by just sitting in this room waiting for death to take me on." - Angela Stevens as June Drake
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''The Sun Was Setting'' has not yet had any kind of commercial release.
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This is an alternate title for The Sun Was Setting.

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