One Million AC/DC (1969) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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One Million AC/DC - VHS, DVD

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Directed by Ed de Priest
Written by Edward D. Wood, Jr. (as Akdon Telmig)
Wood regulars

Additional cast
Patrick Alain
Susan Berkely
Harvey Edmundt
Jacqueline Fox
Robin Glanz
Gary Kent
Jack King
Douglas Martin
Lawrence Richey
Sharon Wells
Billy Wolf
A group of sex-crazed cave people are being harrassed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. While they try to figure out a way to deal with this threat, they have sex and eat a lot.
This film really shows how stupid soft core porn can be. Stephen Apostolof's films (even those Ed worked one) always had at least the semblance of a plot. One Million AC/DC can't have more than ten minutes of actual plot development in it's entire 74 minute running time.

This film is actually a good indicator of how important Ed's dialogue is to the feel of his movies. With so little actual talking, there's little room for the kind of dialogue Ed fans are used to.

Although the sex is generally well shot, it just seems to go on forever. Far from making the film exciting, it makes it boring. The same techniques are used when depicting a scene in which the cave people gorge themselves. It just goes on and on.

Ultimately, although the dialogue (what there is of it) is bad and the effects cheesy, One Million AC/DC doesn't truly capture the feel of Ed's films. Even Ed wouldn't have used the horrible plastic dinosaur this film does. The only true "Ed" element is a cave girl who is captured by an ape and ultimately settles down with him - shades of The Bride and the Beast.

This one is for completists only.
Best Line
"I'm off to see the lizard!"
File Under
Adult, Sci-Fi, Comedy



This movie is not readily available.


One Million AC/DCThis is the original video release of One Million AC/DC, from Even Steven.

There is no mention of Ed on the box, as his credit reads "written by Adkon Telmig."

One Million AC/DC (SW VHS)Something Weird Video currently produces One Million AC/DC. Apart from the cover shot, I know nothing about this edition.


Mighty Gorga / One Million AC/DCSomething Weird Video has released One Million AC/DC on DVD through Image Entertainment.

It is the second film of a "Prehistoric Double Feature" with Mighty Gorga.

This DVD also features shorts, trailers, and additional material common to Something Weird DVDs.

No Image AvailableOne Million AC/DC will reportedly also see a DVD release from Retromedia.

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