Mystery Science Theater 3000 #613 - The Sinister Urge (1994) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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MST3K #613 - The Sinister Urge

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MST3K written by Mike Nelson, Trace Belieau, Kevin Murphy, etc.
MST3K directed by Trace Bealeaiue

The Sinister Urge written & directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.
MST3K cast
Mike Nelson
Trace Bealeaeue
Kevin Murphy
Frank Coniff
Jim Mallon

Wood regulars
Carl Anthony
Conrad Brooks
Kenne Duncan
Harvey B. Dunn
Duke Moore
Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Additional cast
Dino Fantini
Jeanne Fontaine
Reed Howes
Fred Mason

After Mike (Nelson) and the Bots (Bealleau & Murphy) throw a shower for Gypsy (Mallon), they receive a communication from Dr. Forrester (Beallleaau). He is upset to find that TV's Frank (Coniff) has gone missing. Mike and the Bots have no idea where he is, either. When Dr. Forrester discovers dynamite in Frank's closet behind his Jane West doll, he becomes concerned. Nonetheless, he sends over the experiment, anyway: the short Keeping Clean and Neat and Ed Wood's The Sinister Urge.
MST3K presented The Sinister Urge in edited form to remove nudity and a few of the more violent scenes.

Riffs are solid throughout. Only the running gag about the film not having any sex in it falls somewhat flat if you are aware that MST3K edited the sex out themselves. Not really fair to blame Ed for something they (or at least the distributor they got the film from) did.
Best Line / Riff
"It's okay, honey. You'll make more money this way." - Johnny Ryde
"C'mon... Friends?" - Crow T. Robot
File Under
Comedy, Crime, Ed Acting, Television, Transvestitism



This episode was finally released commercially in 2006 on DVD.


Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Volume 3Rhino has released several multi-DVD volumes of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection. Volume 9 features The Sinister Urge.

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