The Beach Bunnies (1976) - The Hunt for Edward D. Wood, Jr.
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The Beach Bunnies
a.k.a. The Sun Bunnies
a.k.a. Red Hot and Sexy

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Directed by Stephen C. Apostolof (as A.C. Stephen)
Written by Edward D. Wood, Jr. & Stephen C. Apostolof (as A.C. Stephen)
Wood regulars
Rick Cassidy
Con Covert
Forman Shane

Additional cast
Brenda Fogarty
Mariwin Roberts
Linda Gildersleeve
Wendy Cavanaugh

Under pressure from her boss, Editor In Chief Elaine Street (Fogarty) must find out whether megastar Rock Sanders has had a sex change or not. Her plan is to take three of her friends to the beach where he's staying for some "undercover" work...
This one had Ed's stamp all over it. From the plot concerning a sex change operation to the extremely bad dialogue. Since this is an "A.C. Stephen" movie, the production values are better than usual, but most of the film still makes little sense. A fun one that never crosses the "soft core" line.
Best Line
"I must know if Rock Sanders has a cock!" - Elaine Street
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This is the original (and most commonly used) title. It has been available occasionally throughout the years.

The Beach Bunnies (a)This is the original home video release of The Beach Bunnies. It is from Nite Flite Video.

Like many old movies, this comes in a large box with a plastic insert, not a carboard sleeve.

PROS: Original release.
CONS: Very old release. Most copies will have started to deteriorate by now. (Mine has. -ed.)

The Beach Bunnies (b)This is the version still available from Something Weird Video.

The Beach Bunnies (c)This is a PAL release available (at least) in Australia.

The black bar was placed there by the person who auctioned it on eBay and is not on the original box.

It is apparently from Eros.


This is listed as a "working title" on the IMDb, yet seems to have had at least one release under this title.

Sun BunniesThis is apparently a version of The Beach Bunnies, but I cannot confirm this.

It does not appear to be the pornographic movie The Sun Bunnies, however, which is the only other film of this title I am aware of.


I can find no record of a mass market release under this title.

Blue Passion / Red Hot and SexyHere is the only image featuring the title Red Hot and Sexy I have found so far.

It is a British "Quad" poster also featuring the Ajita Wilson film Black Aphrodite a.k.a. Blue Passion.

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